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Saudi Arabia to Host The 2034 Men's World Cup

November 1 2023

Saudi Arabia is set to be the sole host of the 2034 Men's World Cup. This development comes after Australia withdrew its bid for the global event, choosing instead to focus on its efforts to host the 2026 Women's Asia Cup and the 2029 Club World Cup.

The Football Federation Australia stated, "We examined the possibility of hosting the World Cup, and after considering all factors, we have concluded not to pursue the 2034 competition."

Saudi Arabia confirmed its bid on October 4, shortly after FIFA indicated its interest in awarding the 2034 World Cup hosting rights exclusively to countries in Asia and Oceania. FIFA affirmed in a press release that Saudi Arabia remains the only bidder for this prestigious tournament.

As per FIFA's regulations, the administration will engage in targeted discussions with the bidders to ensure complete and comprehensive bids are received and evaluated according to the minimum hosting requirements as pre-approved by the FIFA Council.

Saudi Arabia's bid will focus on several priority areas, including key metrics, infrastructure, services, business, and sustainability measures. After evaluating these factors, FIFA will publish its own evaluation reports, and if these requirements are met, the member associations convened in the FIFA Congress will appoint the hosts for the concerned competitions.

This opportunity highlights Saudi Arabia's growing prominence on the global sporting stage. The country has successfully hosted numerous major sporting events in recent years, notably in Formula 1 and boxing, as well as the Spanish and Italian Super Cups. The 2034 World Cup will serve as a significant addition to this impressive portfolio, further establishing the nation as a key global hub for major sporting events.

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